6 Productivity Tips For A Successful Home Office

By: Kalpesh Rathod
Read time: 4 minutes
Feb. 16, 2016

Does it feel like your peers manage twice the workload you can every week?

Do you face challenges in trying to concentrate on your work, and often end up doing just enough to get by? Don't worry, you're not the only one suffering from a concentration lapse in the twenty-first century. The prolonged sessions of everyday use of computers, smartphones, televisions and tablet screens have not only decreased our productivity but also decreased our attention span to focus on the task at hand. Nowhere is this more apparent than for those that run a business from home.

Folks that work in a formal office setting typically have predefined working hours - for example, the classic nine to five. They know when to work, but more importantly, they have the unofficial social office schedule of taking breaks at the water cooler and catching up with colleagues. Whereas the small business owner who works from home has no forced upon limit of hours that they are to devote to their work and often end up working for much longer when they do not distinguish between work time and personal time.

The solution to this problem may lie in your home office setup. By making a few tweaks to your home office experience you can improve your work efficiency as well as improve the quality of your work. Here are our top 6 productivity tips to run a successful home office:


Believe it or not, by lighting up your workplace you can actually light up your mind with fresh ideas and a greater concentration spectrum. Bright lights can also decrease the soporific atmosphere of the room and help you stay focused. Note however, that dazzling light can cause damage to your eyes and can induce headaches. So getting the light balance correct in your home office will serve you well.


The human brain has always appreciated the arrangement of things into neat arrays displayed in chronological order. Order and numbering not only helps us focus but also helps us to remember small details. Needless to say, things arranged properly are also easier to find and check for cross-referencing which can, in turn, increase your overall work efficiency.


We tend to get bored of stuff we have to do for a very long time. Same goes for the decorations and furnishing for your place of work. You don't need to rely on heavy expenditures to create the change that will refresh your brain. Often small changes to the arrangement in your home office every once in a while will stop you from getting bored and keep you productive.


Keeping track of your tasks and ideas has never been easier. Nowadays there are many apps that enable you to make a list, track expenses, and organize your files. Look for apps that allow you to quickly access what you need so you can maintain your work momentum. The last thing you need is to constantly hop from one app to another and lose your train of thought.


Some of us work better under silence when dealing with critical work. While others need their favorite tunes to keep them focused and productive. Music services such as Spotify and Apple Music have great playlists for those that want to focus on work. The biggest challenge when working from home is typically all of the background noises from family, pets and even outside. Plugging in and listening to some tunes is a great way to cancel out the noise and stay productive at home.


Keep reminding yourself of your goals. It motivates you to work hard and to not give up. Get yourself a whiteboard and some dry-erase markers to write down important milestones and deadlines. Sometimes just writing it down and seeing it consistently from your work space will allow your mind to focus on what needs to get done. And guess what, your mind will continue to visualize the whiteboard even when you're not at your home office. This works better than any motivational tactic.

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