Instantly See Email Attachments on your Lock Screen

By: Kalpesh Rathod
Read time: 4 minutes
Nov. 14, 2016

Getting ahead of the game with visual push notifications.

Like many of you, I find myself constantly on the go and pressed for time. Between working on a startup, managing a small business and helping my lovely wife run a household of 4 in the suburbs of Toronto, it's a challenge to get things done.

To help me manage work and family life, I like to jot down notes that serve as reminders and tips on how to get important jobs done. To this end, I use a number of tools to help me, including Evernote, whiteboards, old-school pen/paper notes, my calendar, email and even the kitchen fridge (dry erase markers work great on stainless steel doors). As important items come into my inbox I quickly review my notes and plan my next steps to get each task completed.

For the past few weeks, I've been testing a new feature in Cubes that takes advantage of some of the rich content notification capabilities of iOS 10. You've probably noticed a subtle change in how notifications appear on your iPhone. Specifically, some of your new *bubbly* notifications now have an image in them with the ability to take further actions. At Cubes, we're happy to announce that your email attachments are now visible right on your lock screen.

What have I learned from using visual push notifications? No better way than to show you an actual example of how it saved me hours of valuable time:

Incoming attachment...

Instantly, I see that it's a purchase order from Indigo Books...

Without having to open my mail app, it's time for action...

In this example, I was on the road already when I saw the purchase order on my lock screen. It's interesting how your mind automatically shifts into overdrive as new information comes in. I knew I could save some time if I made a slight detour to our storage locker in Brampton where we keep our printed stock. I saved myself two hours of time and the aggravation of driving through rush hour traffic across the city to ship these books.

Here are a few more examples of visual notifications that caught my attention:

New home listings from Realtor Todd:

Incoming Invoice to Pay:

Forms for after-school programs for my daughter:

In fact, after a few days of experiencing visual notifications, seeing one without an image felt rather incomplete. We're not talking about a revolutionary breakthrough here, but none the less these little visual cues help me anticipate my next steps and get things done faster. I hope you all enjoy these new visuals too!

Save time and get more done with Cubes.

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Realtor Testimonial

Todd Armstrong

Real Estate Broker, Toronto, Canada

"I get a ton of listing docs, trade records and contracts emailed to me. Cubes makes them easy to find when I'm on the go. It's an indispensable app for me."

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