See what 2.3M People Love about Traditional Kitchens

By: Kalpesh Rathod
Read time: 4 minutes
Nov. 23, 2016

It's finally happening. You're done thinking about it and ready to move forward on a much-anticipated kitchen renovation.

As we all know, the kitchen is the social center in almost every house. It's where we have our meals and share stories with friends and family. So we thought it would be interesting to see what social data could tell us about remodeling a kitchen. Searching Houzz, Zillow and Pinterest for the term "Traditional Kitchens", we reviewed over 2.3M points of social sharing data to come up with a helpful round-up of the...

6 Most Desirable Features of a Traditional Kitchen:

#1. Hands down, it looks like white cabinets are the way to go. All 15 of the kitchens in this review had white cabinets.

#2. When it comes to the kitchen floor it looks like the undisputed winner is wood.

#3. For the island counter, it appears the popular colors are white and dark grey. We observed 73% of the kitchens had white island counters.

#4. Dark brown floors are the popular choice seen in over 70% of kitchens we reviewed. The 2nd choice was only a couple of shades lighter - medium brown.

#5. At 60% white is the popular choice for traditional kitchen counters. It seems the sharp contrast of white against brown is the preferred look of traditional kitchens.

#6. Finally, when it comes to the island cabinet, dark brown and white are the popular choices. With dark brown edging out white 53% to 47%.

I hope you've enjoyed this roundup of traditional kitchen styles. Home renovations are stressful enough and hopefully we can take comfort from knowing what 2.3M shares across social media can tell us about it. Here's a look at the top traditional kitchen designs on each platform at the time of writing:

Houzz - by Fiorella Design - 760,000 Saves

Pinterest - by Home Bunch - 51,400 Pins

Zillow - by Custom Kitchens By Martin - 40,000 Digs

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