Simply connect the mail accounts you already use.

Looking for attachments across different accounts can be frustrating and time consuming. We make things easier. With Inboxcube, all your important docs, photos and links are organized in one place. See them instantly when you need them.


See it first in your library.

Your Cubes library is a visual gallery of the attachments, files and links from the email and cloud services you already use. Scroll through your feed or search to find any file no matter where you last saw it.

When you're on the go or in a rush, your library is an easy way to get to the files you need.


Stay organized, automatically.

Finding things is fast when your files are intelligently organized by file type, contacts and accounts. Simply jump into one of the smart filters or type in any search term. You can even see every file you've ever shared with someone using contact filters.

To be productive you need to be organized. With Cubes you'll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that everything is exactly where it should — at your finger tips.


"Cube" the important stuff.

A cube is a private space to organize anything. Add files, photos and links from your library to create your own collections. You can even upload files and copy/paste links directly into a cube. Examples of Cubes we use daily: Invoices, Travel Details, Weekly Reports, Product and Event Photos.

Pulling together files and links from the different cloud services you use has never been easier.


Share cubes with anyone.

You can share your cubes and collaborate with friends and team members. Collaborators can add and remove content from your cubes. Cubes are private unless you decide to share your info.

Easy and secure sharing of files and links in one place. You can even post comments or like items that are shared in a cube.

Thousands of busy people save time and get more done everyday with Cubes.

Realtor Testimonial

Todd Armstrong

Real Estate Broker, Toronto, Canada

"I get a ton of listing docs, trade records and contracts emailed to me. Cubes makes them easy to find when I'm on the go. It's an indispensable app for me."

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