Save time when it matters most.

Top producing agents send & receive 100's of email attachments each week. Sound familiar? Cubes is an email assistant that organizes your files for quick access when you're on the go. It's the perfect companion to your mail app.

  • Listing Docs
  • Expense Reports
  • Trade Records
  • Home Pics

Don't waste time searching for files in your mail app. See them instantly with Cubes.

Why Cubes?

Attachments are easy to lose track of. Your mail app is great for emails, but not for managing files. Next time you're on the road or with a client, instantly recall the files you need. Cubes organizes all of your attachments and displays them in a way that is easy to see on your mobile device. That listing document from two weeks ago is just a tap away in Cubes.

Stay organized, automatically.

Your attachments are intelligently organized by file type, contacts and accounts. Cubes will keep you organized so you have more time for your buyers & sellers.

Stay focused.

Don't let searching through email distract you. See the files you need, when you need them. Keep the focus on your clients.

Thousands of busy people save time and get more done everyday with Cubes.

Realtor Testimonial

Todd Armstrong

Real Estate Broker, Toronto, Canada

"I get a ton of listing docs, trade records and contracts emailed to me. Cubes makes them easy to find when I'm on the go. It's an indispensable app for me."

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